Monday, August 19, 2013

Template SEO, Responsive, and User Friendly

template seo
Download Template SEO Responsive and User Friendly For Blogger. Different types of template seo-friendly and responsive created ranging from free to tens of dollars of value. But all that was not enough because there are several factors that are not SEO.

Actually, you can make your blog template seo-friendly you just need to edit the template banntuan seo-friendly blog that you first have the ability or knowledge of HTML then producing an seo friendly blog is very easy. By using this template, your website will get the highest rank in the google search results.

But problems arise when the newbies who do not know about HTML code, to make your blog template seo-friendly, and even then only add and change some parts of the course without changing the color and model so maybe your blog is still heavy loading. Another solution that I give is to use seo friendly template blog from this collection. In addition to the criteria already qualified and seo-friendly blog template and user friendly, blog templates from the collection is free and you are free to download as much.

Here I will give a review about the blog template seo-friendly and responsive, please choose according to your tastes because all of these templates are very seo.

Seo-friendly template is also equipped with the proper space diseblah banner ads and in every blog title under a booklet does, so for those of you who want to sell advertising then this template is very suitable.

In addition to the elegant appearance and has a banner ad space, this template also been very seo, proven by not using background image too much so the template loaded faster or fast loading and also in accordance with the criteria and conditions template seo.

Here are the features that already exist on this template:
Seo heading tag is already using H1.
Already equipped with Breadcrumbs
Post title using the H2 tag
The title of the widget using the H4
You can use H3 as sub-headings in each booklet does you.
Equipped advertising space in addition to the header and below each article
Already equipped with dropdown menu
Has two navbar
Dark color so the more elegant


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