Sunday, March 31, 2013

Media Blogger Template Free

template media blogger

Media Blogger is a free template for your blogger users with the look elegant, simple, dynamic, 2 column, 3 column footer, automatic date, box like facebook followers, and seo friendly.

At the top there is a place for ads ready, and suitable for you who run a business online. Design of templates that are more personal to give tips and interesting ideas on the blog.

Feature templates:
Breadcrumbs indexed by the search engine Google.
related articles
Dynamic Heading Tag
Vcard hCard and other attributes that have been installed
Automatic Readmore very good
Number of comments blogger
Subscribe Google Plus Box and Feedburner
Menu Navigation with Automatic Date
For a simple Dropdown Menu
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Ari Maulana
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  1. Very nice template! Thanks!

    More template here at All website Tools

  2. Gimana cara downloadnya? Kok gak bisa ya?

  3. Dari demonya, template-nya menarik... Tapi kok selalu gagal download ya?? Bisa minta dikirimkan via email?
    Thank you.....